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How To Get A Job As A Croupier

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How To Get A Job As A Croupier

The gambling industry is home to great money with billion-dollar annual profits. The sector of public gambling often remains to be quite exciting to reap large wins with plenty of rewards. Thus with more and more money for the clients and businesses as well, the employees also earn a lot with their jobs. If you’re considering working in the casino, you can simply work as a croupier.

You can play games that you already love while you don’t lose as it is your job and either way you’re paid for the same. Here we’re going to discuss about how to get a job as a croupier and what can you expect from the same?

Works of a croupier

A croupier can work at a lot of tables for controlling progress of a game. Croupier can oversee poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette and crap games as well but they are not required for slots. Croupiers explain game rules to all players from the very beginning and also keep the whole gameplay smooth

Croupiers mainly deal card at the poker and blackjack tables, throw dice and ball roulette and pay in casino chips.

Croupiers are also quite vital in the safety and security of the casino, while they make sure that no player is cheating and also keeps an eye out for things such as counting and cards.


Not much experience is required for getting into a croupier’s job as a lot of casinos operate 24/7 and you can easily work on various hours according to your schedule, for example if you’re student of a university.

However, a requirement here is basic knowledge of mathematics as some games are available with fixed odds and you’ll need to memorize these with constant practice. Finally, you should be outgoing, friendly and dextrous. While the job doesn’t seem to be quite challenging, make sure that it is quite stressful and you would have to stand for a lot of hours.

A lot of employers nowadays demand at least 3-5 GCSEs that include Maths and English. The rest such as securing an interview, making a good impression and getting on board in a croupier training scheme is completely up to your skills.

Online casinos also hire croupiers and dealers as no doubt you will have seen with many now having Live Casinos such as extra-spins.co.uk and newfreespins.casino for example, its always worth seeing if they are hiring too.

Before getting into the actual job, you’ll have to go through a little training. This is mostly in-house and gets completed by two or three months. Firstly, you’ll learn the right way to handle chips. The training would also provide you with knowledge on playing roulette and blackjack.

After training in-class, people need to work on the casino floor while being a trainee. Also there are a lot of training schools that provide classes that last for around 2 or 3 months and these cost for about $1000 or for less.

Pay of a croupier

In Canada, croupiers typically earn somewhere around $12.20/hour to $25/hour. The pay would be quite higher in Quebec with $16.57 – $29.25/hour. However, more than three-quarters of the annual income of a casino croupier is in the form of tips.

The beginner average salary in the UK ranges from around £14,000 but this goes up to £45,000 with the tips. Your overall personality and attitude also determine your income. After completing your initial 12 to 18 months as a trainee, you can become a dealer.

After that, you become a dealer inspector, later on, a pit boss and after that, you work your way up as a manager. If you’re wishing to work abroad, be sure to check local salaries.

Depending on the organization you’re working for you also get incentives and bonuses such as health benefits and retirement plans, free meals, flexible days off, uniforms, etc.

Thanks for reading, if you are after more betting guides please do take a look around the site.

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