Crypto Jackpots: Stories of Big Wins in Digital Currency

December 22, 2023
Crypto Jackpots

A crypto casino jackpot win can transform your life forever. A single spin at a roulette table or on a slot can lead to a new home, quality time with loved ones, or even an early retirement. Or, if you are inclined, that sports car you always wanted.

To show you that fortune may be just around the corner and landing that win is not a myth, here are a few stories highlighting some massive Jackpot wins in crypto casinos.

Mind-Blowing 27 BTC Win at Roobet Casino

An anonymous player celebrated a huge win playing at Roobet Casino that caught the crypto community’s attention. Taken from a post on social media network X (Formally Twitter), the player landed a massive $1,174,032.00 in ZEUS vs. HADES – a Pragmatic Play’s Greek God-themed slot. If converted to today’s Bitcoin rate, that would be 27.34 BTC.

27 BTC Win at Roobet Casino

The spin cost was $360, so it must have been a high-roller at the controls. As you can see from the clip, the payout resulted from the Hades free spins round.

Drake’s 420 BTC Win at Stake

Even celebrities are not immune to the excitement of crypto gambling. Besides a flourishing music career, Canadian rapper Drake has had huge wins at Stake Casino. 

Drake's 420 BTC Win at Stake

In one of his playing live roulette sessions, as seen in a YouTube video, Drake won $18 million, equivalent to about 420 BTC today.

Trainwreck’s 524.7 BTC Win on Might of Ra Slot

Like Drake, the famous Twitch Steamer Trainwreck frequents Stake Casino. Sometimes, he even broadcasts his playing marathon sessions for 24 hours straight.

In one of his gaming sessions in March 2022, Trainwreck placed a bet of 0.023322 BTC on Pragmatic Play’s Might of Ra video slot. He landed a massive multiplier of 22,500×, converting his bet to 524.7 BTC. At the time of this impressive win, the value equated to about $13 million, making it one of the most substantial online casino wins ever broadcasted live. Stake Casino took to its X account to officially celebrate Trainwreck’s remarkable win.

Trainwreck's 524.7 BTC Win on Might of Ra Slot

xQc’s Huge Win at

xQc, a popular Twitch streamer with over 10 million followers, shared his exhilarating crypto jackpot win at Stake Casino during a live stream. Luckily, he wins $1,479,000 (equivalent to 33.9 BTC, as per today’s exchange rate).

Unsurprisingly, this victory left him in a state of euphoria. Although the streamer had encountered huge wins during live broadcasts in the past, landing a jackpot win always comes with extra joy.

xQc's Huge Win at

Adin WON $1,000,000 Gambling LIVE on Stream.

Adin Ross stands as one of the world’s most popular Twitch and Kick streamers. In one of his live Blackjack playing sessions at Stake Casino, Ross managed to win 1 million.

Initially, his balance was $200k. However, Ross quintupled his earnings after this win to earn $800k. This took the total balance to over $1 million (around 23.34 BTC).

Adin WON $1,000,000 Gambling LIVE on Stream.

Brothers win $500,000 on Crazy Time Wheel.

In a video posted on Xposed’s YouTube channel, viewers are treated to the spectacle of a substantial crypto jackpot win. Exposed and his brothers win $500,000 (equivalent to 11.67 BTC) while playing the Crazy Time Wheel Game.

Crazy Time blends the element of a typical TV show with a classic slot game. The game is streamed in real-time and hosted by live dealers. The aim is to predict the outcome of the spinning wheel correctly, which is divided into multiple sections, each boasting a unique payout value.

Brothers win $500,000 on Crazy Time Wheel.

Classy Beef’s 11.37 BTC Win

The Classy Beef team, known for their entertaining casino streams, celebrated a notable win according to a post on X. This incredible win at Stake Casino amounted to $487,050.0 (around 11.37 BTC).

Classy Beef's 11.37 BTC Win

Final Thoughts

The crypto gambling space will continue to grow in popularity and value; thus, we can only expect bigger and better wins. So, as you traverse the crypto casino floor, keep in mind that behind every wager is a story waiting to be written, an opportunity waiting to be grabbed, and a crypto jackpot waiting to be won.

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