How to become a casino streamer & make money

June 15, 2020

Ever wondered how people make a living from streaming live casino action from the comfort of their own home?
We will look at and explain everything you need to know about becoming an online casino streamer.

What is a casino streamer ?

A casino streamer is the same as any other type of online streamer.
Using platforms such as YouTube and Twitch but instead of the usual Vlogs, Podcasts, or Gaming they use the platform to share the ups and downs of playing at an online casino.
Whether it’s hitting their Jackpot number on Lightning Roulette or losing it all to a slot game that just won’t bonus, they do so seemingly unconcerned by the usually high stakes they are betting with.

Why and how:
The reason these streamers can stay so calm whilst making these bets is the money they are staking is just an investment, Not like the type you would make with your bank but in the interest of getting good content for their followers and making money through advertisements and affiliation with casinos.

What do you need to begin casino streaming ?

The biggest and most important investments you will need to make are your time & a decent PC.

  • Your time – The most important by far, be yourself if you use a face cam & talk casually if only using a microphone
  • A decent PC – Twitch would recommend using a PC with at least 8GB of RAM and an intel i5 processor or the equivalent AMD processor.
  • A face camera or at the very least a microphone – This so you can build a rapport with anyone watching and engage with them.
  • Budget – Most would think you need a mega-budget to play with but this isn’t the case there are many successful casino streamers who play on minimal stakes.
  • Choose your platform – YouTube and Twitch are the two biggest streaming platforms available, but there are many others such as mixer
  • Choose your casino/s – Create an affiliate account with them.
    Talk to your affiliate managers to see what offers if any they will give you for streaming at their site, Some casinos will offer more deposit bonuses for those who deposit regularly so it never hurts to ask.
  • Lastly but most importantly – Always gamble responsibly, although to begin streaming you will treat it as an investment never spend what you cannot afford.
    Once you’ve built up your audience if you need to take a break, tell them to be upfront and honest.
    They will always understand and may even follow suit and take your advice if they feel like they need to take a break also.

Another important part of your journey to becoming a successful online casino streamer is networking, Again your only investment is time get to know other streamers small and large and learn from one another.

Step by step – How to make money as a casino streamer :

  • Good content and a regular timetable.
  • Once you’ve built an audience your affiliate marketing kicks in.
  • By signing people up to casino’s or sites you will see a return on your investment of time.
  • Also people who enjoy your content may donate to you as well as subscribers and viewers generating you Ad-revenue.
  • Re-invest – Treat the money you make from the sources mentioned above as a business.
  • Use the money you’ve made to improve your set-up and your content.
  • Again, Enjoy yourself but ALWAYS gamble responsibly.

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