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Lightning Roulette – When the house doesn’t always win?

May 31, 2020 67 0
Lightning Roulette – When the house doesn’t always win?

Lightning Roulette is a fresh take on the classic game of roulette. There are many variations of the classic casino game, But none that turn the tide in the players favour quite like this one.

Origins – Roulette is credited to the French who first started playing the game in the 18th Century, Hence the name (Roulette means “Little Wheel” in French). In its Basic form the rules are simple place a bet on where you think the ball will land. There are several different bet types each offering different odds with the highest being a Single Number Bet at odds of 35/1.
Although those odds are a great return the House always has the edge with the 37 possible outcomes.

Lightning Roulette Overview – Lightning Roulette is a game-changer boosting the advantage towards the player massively.
How? Although the rules are the same as your standard game of Roulette the odds range from 30/1 to a huge 500/1, Meaning a single £1 stake on an individual number could net the player a cool £500 return.

How does it work?
The basics follow the same rules as standard roulette the difference begins at the start of each spin, As the ball begins to spin and your bets have been accepted a “Lightning strike” will take place which will strike between 1 and 5 individual numbers. Each Number hit by the lightning strike is then awarded a random multiplier at greater odds to that of a normal roulette game.

The possible multipliers are – 50x, 100x, 150x, 200x, 250x, 300x, 350x, 400x and 500x.
This is when the excitement builds, if your selected numbers have been awarded a multiplier then the odds are greatly thrown in your favour.

Because if the ball lands on your number and it has a Lightning multiplier you can net up to 500x your stake, meaning a £5 bet on your favourite number can quickly become £2500 in your back pocket. You will find very few if any games that offer such odds.

Lightning Roulette RTP

The best possible Return to Player (RTP) percentage is 97.30%. This RTP is based on the optimal strategy for Split, Street, Corner, Line, and all outside bets being played.

Final Thoughts

Imagine a £5 flutter on your favourite horse at the Cheltenham Festival netting you a huge £2500 return? Unless you have built a crazy 10-Fold accumulator it’s unlikely.

You will see Lightning roulette has become a permanent fixture at many online casinos which is due to its growing popularity among roulette players looking for mega returns for smaller risks.

If you’re interested in trying Lightning Roulette for yourself you can do so here (Terms & Conditions apply, 18+ ONLY, Always gamble responsibly)

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