How to beat the casino at Baccarat

November 5, 2019
How to beat the casino at Baccarat

No other game has such an impact on the house as Baccarat. This card game doesn’t just offer decent odds that are only rivaled by Blackjack, it also attracts high rollers – the highest of them all. The biggest casinos will have entire rooms dedicated to the 0,01% of gamblers who wager more than a median income in the span of an hour.

If a casino has a bad night, they can probably blame the Baccarat tables. In fact, just after Baccarat was introduced in Vegas by Tommy Renzoni, the Sands Casino lost well over $2 million (in today’s dollars) in a single night. Since Vegas doesn’t have the shark-infested waters needed to teach Renzoni a lesson, they changed the rules of the game instead. These new American rules are the basis for the game that’s still played today.

Even with the new rules, Baccarat has a tremendous effect on a casino’s balance sheet. And where the casino loses, players win. This represents an opportunity for players looking to gain an edge on the house and walk out with a big win.

Famous Baccarat Wins

You won’t be the first to walk away from a Baccarat table with your pockets full of cash. One famous example is Akio Kashiwagi. This Japanese billionaire businessman loved playing Baccarat and had the bankroll to keep going. His hands often exceeded $100.000 and his biggest recorded win was $11.5 million (in today’s money) in a single night.

Australian billionaire Kerry Packer took a little longer but won between $20 million and $40 million in the span of a few weeks (he also played Blackjack). Another famous Baccarat win was recorded in Macau in 2015. As the winner of the Baccarat World Championship, Lin Haisan won just over $ 13 million.

While these wins are extraordinary, it’s not just billionaire high-rollers who can collect Baccarat winnings. By playing live Baccarat online, every player can bet in this famous casino game for normal-sized bets. Some casinos also offer Baccarat on the main casino floor, where you can join anytime.

How to win at Baccarat

Study the game

Don’t sit down at the Baccarat table for the sake of the decent odds. Study the game, memorize betting strategies and consider your bankroll. While you don’t have to be a millionaire to play (in fact you can play baccarat for free), the same principles apply on a smaller scale. You can find Baccarat simulators online to help you engrain the strategies and bankroll practices until you’re confident you can do the same at a live table.

Quit in time

No matter how good your streak, the house always wins in the long run. That’s why you need to optimize your winning short runs. If you’ve picked a strategy, stay disciplined, and stick to your plan. Once you’ve collected some winnings, tuck your first chips away with some of the winnings and leverage your winnings.

You can find more how to help in the betting guides section of this website.

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