Horse Racing and Betting

November 22, 2019
horse racing and betting

Horse-racing is a sport that dates back to the early ages of mankind. It is one of the oldest sports known to man and today it’s mostly popular because of betting. The races are providing some of the best odds and many people are willing to wager their opinion in the attempt to turn it into profit.

Horse-racing is extremely popular IN the UK, Australia, and the USA. These states are holding annual races and festivals, which are extremely popular for the fans of the sport and people who love to bet. Let’s check out some of the betting types and tips, as well as some of the most popular races.

Horse Racing and Betting on Races

The most common betting types in the world are ‘to win’, ‘to place’, and ‘to show’. These three vary in the chance of winning and naturally, the odds are different. When betting ‘to show’ every person is a winner if the horse that he betted on finishes in the first three places. The odds of this type are always the lowest.

Next, the bet ‘to place’ means that the horse in a certain race will either finish 1st or 2nd. The odds for this type are much better than the previous type, but they are still not the best since you are betting on multiple outcomes. Finally, we have the bet ‘to win’. As the name itself suggest, these bets are placed on the horse that you think will win. The odds of this type are always great.

Betting on horses is not just about random-picking a winner. You need to keep track of the previous scores by the horse and the jockey. Numerous bookies usually have all the data that you need to read before placing a bet. There are even experts who give some tips to everyone who is willing to read a bit more and increase the chances of winning. The experts are usually giving tips for the NAP of the day. If you are a fan of betting and want to read an expert opinion, check out the NAP of the day from expert horse racing tipster. They have proven to be quite useful in past races.

Most Famous Horse Events/Races

Although there are thousands of horse races and events throughout the year in every country, not all of them are internationally known. Some of the most famous horse races in the world are the Melbourne Cup, the Breeders’ Cup, The Grand National, and the Kentucky Derby.

The Melbourne Cup is taking place in Australia (as the name itself suggests). This is a 3,200-metre race that was originally inaugurated in 1861. The track is left-handed and has an A$6 million prize purse. The horses need to be 3-year-old Thoroughbreds. The Breeders’ Cup, on the other side, is much younger – the first official race was held in 1984. It is a multi-race, one-day event. The purse here varies by race and it is most often between $1 and $6 million. The location changes from year to year.

The Grand National and the Kentucky Derby are probably the most famous horse races in the world. The Grand National takes place in Liverpool, England. This is a 4-mile racetrack with over £1 million prize purse, half of which goes to the winner. The Kentucky Derby takes place in Kentucky, USA. The prize purse at this event is $3million, with $1.8 million going to the winner. This race is famous not just because winners are getting a handsome money prize, but also because the odds are great and some people have managed to win a lot by betting on the race.

Some of the most popular events are the Cheltenham Festival, Royal Ascot, the Qatar Goodwill Festival, the Kentucky Derby Festival, and many more.

One last thing to mention though, betting should be done with a lot of responsibility. It is an activity to which some people become addicted. Make sure you know your boundaries and what is the point where you need to exclude yourself.

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