How To Self Exclude Yourself From Bookmakers Online And Offline

November 15, 2018
How To Self Exclude Yourself From Bookmakers

So recently I banned myself from my local bookies and I realized how hard it is to find out how to self-exclude yourself from bookmakers offline and online too.

It was very empowering to be able to call a number to speak to someone friendly explain to them which shops I wanted to exclude from and where. They were very helpful they even helped me exclude from shops which I didn’t know where there but that were close to other bookies I used to visit.

After you get off the phone all you do is send a copy of your driving license or passport along with a selfie of yourself which will then be circulated to the bookmakers you want to self-exclude from. You will get an email requesting these documents so make sure its the right company you send them too.

Once this is done yes you may be able to walk into a bookie and place a bet but you have now agreed not to be paid out any winnings as well as not being refunded any cash you have lost. It may pay to speak tp each bookmakers staff and explain to them you have excluded but if like me all you needed was some form of rule that you cannot bet the phone call and ID should be enough.

I am already spending money on things I used to say to myself if I win I will buy! I used to go into a TV shop for example as I wanted a new 4k smart UHD hdr tv. I used to say to myself £400 that’s too much for a TV. I would then go on to lose £100+ in a bookie shop on horse racing or machines very week and go without things I needed without a second thought.

I know this will resonate with many other gamblers out there and I want to give something back to you by telling you how to stop yourself from losing money that you don’t really want to lose. You can then treat your partner every month by him or her a gift even if it’s only £20 it was £20 you’d have put straight in FOBT machine and not given it a second thought.

FOBT (fixed odds betting machines) or the machines which you see many play slots and roulette on in bookmakers are not fair. They have also been proven to be more addictive than crack cocaine. Do not lie to yourself you are a form of an addict if you go to the shop for milk as I did yet you find yourself sitting at a machine putting a £20 note in 2 minutes later and losing that and more, you need to break the cycle.

How To Self Exclude Yourself From Bookmakers Online And Offline

Let me reveal what I did to end my gambling both online and offline, and the good part is you can do both in under 20 minutes and that is no joke.

Offline self-exclusion from bookmaker shops on the high street

Call this number 0800 294 2060 and simply tell them you want to self-exclude from bookmaker shops in your area where you live, where you work, or anywhere at all where you could end up walking into a bookmaker and losing the money you don’t want to lose or can’t afford to lose.

For more information visit this website it has all the up to date information on how you can self-exclude yourself from bookies shops on any high street in the UK.

Once you have finished that 2 or 3-minute phone call you are all set, send off your ID, and a selfie of your face. There is no point you trying to win big anymore as the bookmaker no longer has to pay you out and you have agreed to that too. You have also agreed not to be refunded any losses after the self-exclusion.

Online self-exclusion from online bookmakers and Casinos and even Bingo sites

Online self-exclusion is increasingly easier compared to years ago. To exclude yourself from nearly all online casinos, bingo sites, and other gambling areas online you will need to sign up to GamStop at this website

It is currently in stage one this is the text from the Gamstop website which will explain more what that means.

GAMSTOP currently includes a large number of online gambling websites, but not all. In due course, all online gambling websites will be required to join by the Gambling Commission.

Until then you can register early with GAMSTOP, which will exclude you from the gambling websites that have signed up already.

Coverage will increase as more online gambling firms join the scheme, without you having to re-register with GAMSTOP. A list of participating gambling companies is in the footer of the site. If you gamble online with a company that is not listed and want to be excluded from the site, then you will need to contact them directly.

Once you register with Gamstop the hard bit is done, more and more casinos and bookies are having to join this responsible gambling practice sob y joining it you will be doing yourself a big favor, there will be no point gambling at any casino or bookie just in case you win big or small you probably won’t be paid out.

Many online casinos even if they are not listed as part of Gamcare may be part of another casino under the same license that is.

Take care of yourself take control back of your life and good luck to you!

Author mrgambler